Photography Around the House

Here’s some more photography that I took around our house. This camera has been put to good use, nicht wahr? Haha!



Around the house means, well, cats. but I have a few other interesting photos in here as well. :)

flower_bud_simple_purple_glowing_grass luvems_squinting luvems_walking flower_bud_simple_pretty_bokeh_gorgeous action_cat_running_luvems_cute_orange cat_adorable_orange_ginger_yellow_cute tree_leaves_green_forest scary_cat_luvems_black_and_white_kitten_meow tree_green_bokeh_light_speckles tiger_cat_kitten_fierce_adorable_cute_orange tree_leaves_green_sky_branch

All of these were shot with my Nikon D3300 and slightly edited with Photos, a Windows 8 program.

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