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Hey, y’all! In my goals for May, I said that I was going to post more about farm life. So a few days ago, I took a walk and took lots of pictures of the farm! So here’s a farm photography post :) OH! Before I start, I want to give a shout-out to my friend Hannah (no not this one.) who turned twelve today! Happy Birthday, Hannah!


I started at my house, and some of our flowers in our flower field have been popping up. Aren’t they just gorgeous?


This is the barn. It’s pretty big, and it’s where Granddaddy keeps the Tractor. And it’s also a place of storage for the three families who live on the property – and all the stuff that cluttered Granddaddy’s garage. So it’s rather full.

barn barn2

In it we have The Barn Kitchen, where, during the summer, Muttie and I will wash vegetables, can vegetables, and store vegetables.

barnkitchen3 barnkitchen2

The kitchen is rather cluttered. The stove is so much fun – it’s old. I love old things.


This is the view of the garden from standing right outside of the barn. From right to left, we have (right) long rows of mulch which our blueberry bushes are planted in! You can’t even see them :). Then we have (moving left) mulch and flowers, and basically the remains of our winter garden, which granddaddy opened for the chickens to eat. And then we have the chickens. Behind the winter garden, you can see tinfoil and stuff – which is our spring/summer garden that is planted. But you can’t see it very well.


This is the view from the corner of the chicken pen. The fence is electrified. You can see the winter garden, blueberry rows, and spring/summer garden a little bit better. The house in the background is my aunt’s house.


This is the view from the opposite side of the barn! Where the truck is, I was standing. Here you can see much better the current garden with the reflective tinfoil plastic. We use that instead of black plastic because it will reflect the sun and confuse the bugs – it makes them think they are walking upside-down! Don’t ask me what’s in the back of the truck – I have no idea. And the house that is in the upper left-hand corner is my grandparents’.


So here I just walked to the left and you can see more of the current garden, including the stakes for the tomatoes and cucumbers (I think). The hill at the farthest left is a bit of the orchard and you can see the blueberry paths as well.


My cousins – behind them is the orchard with all the itty bitty trees! It got mowed and whack-weeded a week ago and looks so good! The reflective shelter on the hill is the rabbit shelter. My uncle just got rabbits! (Meat rabbits. They’re delicious!)


Homemade slingshot that one of the cousins made…


The chickens looking up at Granddaddy for food.


And then – this is a different day – as the sun is setting , the chickens eating their dinner.




Farm girl.


More eggs.


Granddaddy on his Tractor.


More flowers.


Did you enjoy getting to see a bit more of our farm? That was a long post! 😛

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