Learning How to Use a DSLR // Photography


Y’all…I’m now going to explain how I suddenly came across a DSLR. You ready?


Well, for a while, my brother had been saving up for a DSLR – the Canon EOS Reble T5, in fact. And I was saving up for a $300 point and shoot, a little more affordable. This one had a 60X zoom, which I would need to get my cats in their adorable positions without bothering them.


My parents had already said that they would pay half of Junior’s camera – when it came to me. Why couldn’t Junior and I both pay quarters and share the camera? We’d get it all the sooner and it would be much higher quality than the point and shoot. So I proposed the proposition, and of course, he was all over it. So, after a couple weeks, we had our money and our parents ordered it for us!


And so, Junior and I have decided a method to sharing it. We shall each have it every other day. So on my days, I try to make take pictures for posts!

dog_wood_tree purpleflower

So far, our every-other-day schedule has been working pretty well! :)

tree fog_mist

Keep in mind, all of these pictures were shot the first day I got to use the camera and only slightly edited, so once I learn more on how to use a fancy camera, the pictures will get better. :)


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