This Month’s Goals // May 2016

Hey there y’all! I have decided that, to be a more productive person and take better account of my productiveness, I should start doing monthly goal posts. At the very end of each month, I’ll post my goals for the next month and follow up on previous goals. Most of them, I think, will be blogging goals, but I also have some just plain life goals in there too. So without further ado, I present you with May 2016’s goals!


Goal #1 // Write more and write more in notebooks. Guys – I’m a pen, pencil and notebook fanatic. If there’s a cool notebook, I’m buying it. Same thing goes for pens and pencils – mechanical pencils in particular. The only problem is…I really don’t hand-write that much. And it’s sad, because I honestly think it is a fun hobby to hand-write rather than type! So I have started four pretty notebooks. One is for writing – short stories, sketches, descriptions – anything that comes to mind. And one day, I might share some of those sketches! The notebook I’m using is shown in this post. I have one that is identical, only, in purple. That one I am using as a blog notebook. In it I have written Monthly Blog Post ideas, (more on that further down!) blog posting goals, posts needed, technical problems, post ideas, and et cetera. The third one is just a plain spiral bound notebook with a darling cat on the cover. (Guys – I CANNOT refuse the adorable animal notebooks!) This one is for shopping lists and just, lists in general. The fourth and last notebook is just a plain, 17c notebook in purple and this one is for photography tips. Being new to a DSLR, I am really trying to learn as much as I can! So that is my first goal. There’s your 214 word explanation 😉


Goal #2 // Start designated monthly posts. A lot of blogs do Monthly Favorites posts, which I really like reading, because it’s like getting mini product reviews every month. The problem is – I don’t BUY enough! Or so I thought. You see, I rarely purchase items and go shopping about maybe once a month – for very practical items. But I’ve decided to start doing Monthly Favorites posts and I’ve told myself that they don’t have to be NEW products, just things that I especially have used during that month. So I shall start these at the end of May. I have a lot of monthly post ideas, but when I set extreme goals I can never complete them, and then I get mad at myself. So I am only going to start one more monthly post right now. It is going to be, Outfit of the Month! Encouraged to do more fashion posts by y’all, I have decided to do Outfit of the Month and see where it goes. I may just get inspired to do more than one outfit a month, but this allows me to not be overly stressed – because outfit posts do take time and thought. Okay, on to the third goal.


Goal #3 // Be more active. You’d never guess it, coming from a country gal, but seriously, I am so…well, stationary! The MOST active thing I do is typing, or playing the violin. No, wait. No, the most active thing I do is running up the stairs – for a meal. Ha! So this month, one of my goals is to get outside more, take walks, practice hula-hooping and roping jump, and just enjoy the free, open land we have. This means that y’all are probably going to get more photography posts, but really, that’s a good thing…right?


Goal #4 // Post more about farm life! I realize you guys don’t get to see much of our farm life here, and that’s quite sad. Because, you know, my blog is basically about the lifestyle of an accidental country girl! So as my last goal for the month, I am going to try to post more about what really happens behind the scenes on the farm. Planting, canning, gardening, chickens – I hope to get it all up here!

And there are my four goals for May. I probably could have set three times the amount, but as I said in goal #2, if I set a lot of goals and don’t manage to complete them, it makes me feel down and mad at myself. So I am just setting goals that have rather more potential in them than ten others.

And now, my questions for you. I know you can’t comment, but if you chose to answer these questions, just email me (if you have my email address) or contact me! Here they are: Do you have goals for this month? Do you like setting goals? Do you stress out if you can’t complete them?


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