Why Three Hours?

Warning: This post is about blogging. It is written with aspiring bloggers and blogger wanna-bes in mind. HOWEVER, even if you are a non-blogger, I think you will enjoy this post about a little bit behind the scenes of blogging.


Well, today I’m going to talk a bit about blogging. You might ask what the title means. I named this post, “Why Three Hours?” because I remember a conversation I had once with a fellow blogger. I was saying that it took me 2-3 hours to make a post. Her response was, “Wow, it only takes me 20 minutes!” So I decided to explain what it takes to make a post. Also, I have a couple bad blogging habits I’m sharing at the end! :)



First of all, I was going to include brainstorming for ideas, but normally, ideas just come to me. So I’ll skip to writing. Writing a post takes a lot of effort. I’ll easily spend an hour just writing a post. Y’all know that most of my posts aren’t that short – in fact, my Horrific Homonyms post was 574 words…and I considered that a little short. I think my preference for “wordy” posts is around 800 words, but if I have a post that is mainly pictures, like my Paper Pumpkin posts, then only 100 words will suffice. Most of the time, though, it takes me an hour to write. Then, I have to edit it and make sure it flows well. I’ll send my post to my mom for her to check it once in a while, but most of the editing I do myself.



Taking pictures for my posts is most definitely another hour. I have about an hour shooting, depending on what it is (Paper Pumpkin pics definitely take an hour if not more), and then at least 15-20 minutes editing. Sometimes, if my pictures turn out bad, I’ll have to re-shoot them…and that adds more time. Once my pictures are on my computer, I have to resize them, and depending on how many I have, this can take at least 10 minutes. Now, if my post uses a stock photo, I have to look for it. Searching for free stock photos can take forever! It’s really hard to find good ones. I use Pixabay, which does have good photos but some of their photos are really crummy. It just depends if what you’re searching for is popular. This post uses a stock photo.



I don’t have internet 24/7. I only have it from 4-8pm. So I write up my posts on Microsoft Word, put my pictures in a folder in a Purrfectly Inspired folder I have in Pictures, (confusing, I know) and when the internet turns on, I post it. Posting isn’t as easy as it seems. First, I copy and paste my post into WordPress. Then, I download the pictures and put them in the right places. After that, I view a sample version of the post to make sure it’s all laid out. I read it over to make sure I don’t have any final mistakes, and then I have the final step, which is categorizing and tagging. I have to make sure that my post ends up in the right category (after all, we don’t need a recipe going into makeup and beauty, right?) and then I tag different keywords I find in the post. Finally, after I publish the post, I go and send it out to my email list. (BTW: If you want to be added to my email list, contact me!) So…posting takes around 20 minutes.

Whew! Was that a lot of information? Sorry. :) Oh, and so far, I already have 630 words written. See what I mean? Haha.

The first bad blogging problem is….impromptu inspiration. My inspiration comes at the oddest of times! This post came to me when I was in the shower. I had to lose my beautiful, hour-long (Okay a half-hour) shower! It was so sad. :) I missed my shower! Sometimes I’ll go to bed and lo and behold, a post will come to me. It’s quite annoying.

The second one is….starting a series and forgetting to complete it. THIS IS REALLY HARD. I feel like I’m always doing this! I guess I should just try to stay better focused!

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about what it takes to make a post! Ciao!

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