Traveling Tiptoes, 5

“Bonjour!” “Good day!” “How is your family?” “Bonjour!” “Good day!” “How is your wife?” “I need six eggs!” “THAT’S TOO EXPENSIVE!” “There must be more than….”
Yes, sorry. I have Belle from Beauty and the Beast stuck in my head from chorus on Monday.

Today is Traveling Tiptoes! And guys, I’ve been so bad. I keep forgetting to take them. Oh wait…deja vu. I’ve said that before.

This is from when we were in the national forest! I decided to stand barefoot on a rock next to the river.


Then I decided to sit on the rock and splash my feet in the water.


Then I decided to slip on the rock I was sitting on and fall in.


Yes, that was an accident. and Junior did actually get a picture of me falling partway into the water. It was cold.

This was Sunday, walking down the hill to finish making a skirt with Muttie, but then….I got sidetracked in our family history.


And this was the other day. I put Luvems on the table and then snapped a picture.


So this week, I promise I am going to try very hard to get more toes in the camera.
Have a good week! (Oh, if you haven’t got Belle stuck in your head yet, then you have special powers or something.) :)

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