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Hello again! I’ve finally gotten to taking some pictures and writing up a post. April sure started off with a bang. Life has been so busy!


Last week of March, I finished all my school except for American History (of which I am halfway through) and Consumer Math. I started a new history curriculum in January because my old one wasn’t working for me, and while I absolutely love the new one, I am slightly disappointed that I won’t finish until June. Math is treacherous, even though it’s supposed to be practical, but with the help of Granddaddy, I’m getting through it.


Violin, voice, and choir are continuing – we have another choir concert in May + I have a voice recital the same week. I spring-cleaned my bedroom and bathroom first Friday ithis month. (See last year’s spring cleaning results here)  I’m trying to catch up on my reading list because I’m a month behind, I’ve started my summer job working for my dad again, and slowly but surely the garden is growing.

bedroom-april  bedroom-april-5 bedroom-april-7

It’s been raining like crazy, and April sure has been showering, but apparently, we’re still in a severe drought because we haven’t gained the foot of rain that we lost last year. April, though, she’s working on it. Wettest drought I ever seen.

aesthetic_pics-12 aesthetic_pics-11

Currently, I’m working on managing my time better, and it’s amazing how much time you have if you work on waking up an hour earlier and scheduling out the day like a glove. I’ve worked in an hour every few days to conscientiously work on improving my photography.

aesthetic_pics-5 aesthetic_pics-7

So that’s just about what has been going on lately. Our weather has been disgustingly wet and cloudy, but I suppose that’s what you expect for April. Showers. Blah.

//what’s going on in your life? is spring this busy for you?//

singing off,


p.s. and I finally got Junior to take a new profile pic for me! Tiger appears in one here.



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