How to Spring Clean Your Room


Every spring since we moved into the house (three years ago July 4th!), I will deep-clean my bedroom. And every year that has always been the first Saturday in April. This year, however, it seems like the first Saturday in April is coming much sooner! It’s this Saturday! I thought that spring cleaning would be a fabulous post to do.

Believe it or not, I kind of like cleaning. It’s so refreshing to just take a day and do something, get tons accomplished. And then when you crawl in your bed that night you can sleep ever so much better because your whole room is fresh and clean and sparkling. I also like to change something up in my room every spring – be it a new bedspread or adding flowers to the wall. Here’s the pattern that I follow.

9:00 – Bring down pillows, comforter, bedspread, bathroom rugs to Muttie’s to wash

  • Side note – my mom put in a HE washing machine and dryer set in the house, and it does not do heavy duty things like pillows and comforters and bedspreads. So I have to bring them down the hill.

9:30 – Wash sheets and bath towels

  • Side note – I wash my sheets and replace my bath towels every week anyway, but this is something I do when spring cleaning as well.

9:45 – Clean bathroom

  1. Organize drawers and cabinet
  2. Organize makeup
  3. Clean sink & counters
  4. Dust and clean mirror
  5. Clean toilet
  6. Clean shower – door and floor
  7. Vacuum, dust baseboards, mop floor

10:30 – Reorganize and dust bedroom shelves and beside table

10:45 – Dust windowsills, bedstead and baseboards

11:00 – Wash all windows

11:15 – Organize Closet

  1. Refold clothes in drawers, eliminating winter and fall clothes, bring in spring and summer clothes.
  2. Color code hanging dresses and skirts
  3. Filter out shoes that fit
  4. Clean out “clutter buckets” (buckets that have acquired junk for the past year)
  5. Put hope chest items in bucket

12:00 – Dust closet baseboards & clean mirror

12:05 – Break for lunch

12:45 – Vacuum entire floor in bedroom and closet

1:00 – Mop floors

1:15 – Make bed, put back furniture, arrange last items

And there you go! That’s the pattern and precise schedule I follow, and by 1:30pm I’m just about done. I like to put on music, open up all my windows (this is a necessity, it airs the room), put on an apron and junk clothes (to properly feel like Cinderella) tie up my hair, and have at it. I look forward to spring cleaning every year! (It’s even more fun with two people…anyone want to join me?)

I made a PDF for you. I condensed it so that you can spring clean just your bedroom in seven steps! I also included bathroom and closet on the second page. It doesn’t have a schedule, but everything in precise order.


Pictures of deep-cleaned room coming on Sunday!

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