How to Organize Your Closet


Spring is here, spring cleaning is near! One of the major elements to effectively spring-cleaning is to organize your closet. Especially because of the big seasonal change! So let me tell you how I organize my closet. (It’s very effective :) )

  1. Take out all of your clothes, shoes, and accessories and vaccum, wipe the baseboard, and do whatever else you need to do to clean your closet.
  2. While you are taking out your clothes, organize them into like piles, such as: tops, pants, skirts, dresses, accessories and so on.
  3. Take a pile at a time and sort it into three categories, give away, sell, and keep. The clothes that you will keep, sort into what you won’t wear this season. Late summer clothes will stay, and early fall. I usually sell the clothes that are getting a little small and that are in good condition. A consignment store such as Clothes Mentor is a good idea. Designer clothes that are in very good condition can be sold on eBay.
  4. After you have sorted all your clothes, fold them neatly and organize them. I organize all my tops by color. It’s easiest to find them that way! Everything that you hang I organize by type and color. Skirts in the front, color coded, then dresses.
  5. Handbag and shoes should be organized and evaluated the same way as clothes.

Enjoy your organized closet!!

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