Braided Bun Half-Up Hairstyle


The other night I was so engrossed in Oliver Twist that I could not put my book down. Unfortunately, by the time I finished it, the hour was too late to shower. (Okay, I’m sorry. I am not meaning to rhyme.) But it was still relatively early, so I wanted something to do! I decided to try a hairstyle that I meant to try that morning but didn’t wake up early enough for.

Let’s just say that my hair always cooperates at night when it’s not very clean and that I can’t do a thing with it in the morning. What can one expect? But anyway, when I tried the hairstyle, it worked! I was so ecstatic that I decided to make a tutorial for it. 


A couple disclaimers: You see the huge wave in my hair that is in a bowl shape? I seriously did not do that. I just have weird hair. /Also, it’s only slightly wavy because it was in a braid all day. And…I apologize profusely over my ears…they’re not naturally red nor are they sunburned. My ears just happen to turn red when I brush my hair at night. The kids at chorus must think I have Red Ear Syndrome (if that’s even a thing!). It’s pretty bad. /FURTHERMORE. My hair is not blonde, people. It’s golden brown.

That being said, let us begin.

  1. Brush your hair and part it into two halves – one top half and one bottom half. The top half needs to have slightly less hair than the bottom half. Secure the bottom half with a ponytail.
  2. Well brush the top half and pull it back into a high-ish ponytail. You’ll want to brush over the top of your head so you don’t see your part. It needs to be smooth all around. If you’re getting bubbles, try combing your hair into the ponytail.
  3. Unleash the bottom half. It should now look like a regular half-up. Braid the top ponytail and secure with a clear elastic.
  4. Wrap the braid around the ponytail holder. You will probably need to put your hand on top of the bun while you are wrapping the braid. This will take some practice to get it purrfect. You may also need to try wrapping it in different directions.
  5. Once you have your bun, secure it with bobby pins. It only took three bobby pins for me.
  6. Brush your hair, spray it with hairspray and you are good to go!

This works really well on long hair as you need enough hair to get a bun. I would say you can try it with chest-length hair and go from there. Mine is hip-length, so…yeah. It works. :)



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