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Hi. Well, I should try to recap my life from when I left over a month ago so y’all don’t think I completely fell off the face of the planet…but it’s nearly impossible to do so. This past month life has been so incredibly busy, I think the month swallowed me whole. a bit of what happened was this:

choir concert//my great-aunt arrives//afternoon tea//2 senior photo sessions for my friend caroline//snow//75 degree weather//planting 300 asparagus//NAME THE FIVE POINTS OF MARKETING//who was John Winthrop?//choir rehearsals//violin//spending time with my cousins//finshed English!//i love lucy//craziness

But I’m back now, and although I have not yet figured out what I’m going to do with this blog, I’m not going to disappear¬†for that length of time again…….at least for a while. I think for sure I’m going to definitely focus on posting in just a couple categories now, though. As you can see on the main bar I have made a couple changes, but I’m still not sure exactly where I’m going.

So I am going to post, but I think right now it’ll be mainly photography and lifestyle until I figure out a few things.

//how have you been?//
//wasn’t that sunrise gorgeous?//
//any general ideas of what i should do?//


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