Breakfast Plan


I’ve been pretty bad about making breakfast recently. Junior got tired of what I was making and started complaining, so I told him he could eat cold cereal this past week. That’s given me a bit of a break and I have come up with a breakfast plan. I decided to share it here and add hyperlinks to recipes!

Monday mornings always seem abrupt. I usually don’t like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen so I can get right on school. So, it seemed fitting that I make a chia seed pudding or overnight oatmeal the day before to eat Monday morning, and, if we have any, garnish with berries.

Every other Tuesday, I have lessons and we have to leave at 10:15. Even though this isn’t early, I still have a bunch of things to accomplish before leaving, so it works best to make some Muesli.

Wednesdays are never busy, so I decided to make oatmeal.

Thursdays are trash day, and I always make French toast. Don’t ask why! It’s just tradition :)

Fridays I make yogurt parfait. If we don’t have the essential ingredients for yogurt parfait, then I’ll make eggs.

There’s my breakfast plan! A little short of photos, but just an idea and guideline.

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