Traveling Tiptoes, 4

I have been sooooooo bad about my tiptoeing pictures, you guys! I keep forgetting to take them! But never fear, I shall start trying to remember. These are the ones I have left from when I stopped posting them for a while. Thus, you have some snow pictures!

This was the first snow! Out in my bare feet I went. Brrrrr!!!!


Much better attire now. I was hunting for Tiger with Daddy. We found him inside, yes, inside a tree! traveling_tiptoes2

Then, it was warm out and the snow was melting, creating a perfect crust to walk on. I just love kitty-cat shadows, don’t you?


Looking for cats again! and I’m wearing socks with shoes, oh yes.


Going to church! I just love my navy blue dresses.


Walking home from swinging!! (Note: You shall see soon….)


Well, that’s it…for now. I’m going to try to be a lot better about my tiptoeing pictures, so hopefully, hopefully we might get a post in a week or so.


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