Spring Makeup


You might have guessed it already…..but spring is most definitely on its way over here in our Southeastern part of the U.S. The temperature has been rising steadily for about a week now. We’ve hit 72F already! (22C) Spring calls for pretty dresses, updos, and lighter makeup. Thus, this farm girl decided she’d show you what she recommends for lighter makeup. (Someday I might get to a hair post, but not being gifted with hair creativity, it shall take a while.)


Since I have bangs, I always do my mascara first. I pull my bangs back with a headband while I put it on so that I won’t get any in my hair. (been there, done that.) I apply a few coats of each of these different mascaras.


This one is from Physician’s Formula Organic Wear. It’s the BB Lashes (bigger better) Mascara in Ultra Black. I use this one first because the brush really works to separate and define my lashes. I do not like clumpy lashes. I normally only apply two coats.


This one is definitely a favorite, and it’s from Pacifica. It’s the Stellar Gase Length & Strength Mineral Mascara in Supernova.  Pacifica tends to run a little more expensive for me, but it’s a really good high quality mascara, and has lasted me an entire year. Mostly, I just really like the brush. When you run out of mascara you can put the brush in a different mascara, like this one for less than half the price. This mascara adds volume, and if your lashes haven’t been defined very well, they will clump.


This is just a Tarte mini mascara. I use the mini mascara for my lower lashes. Smaller bristles work a lot better for me, so you just need a travel size mascara.


I am actually working on making my own concealer, but these are the two that I use for the present.

The one that is open is just a Physician’s Formula concealer stick in light. I use this one solely under my eyes and on my brow bone. When I apply it under my eyes, I apply it in a triangular shape and blend it all in.

The smaller one one is an organic concealer from Bella Mari Beauty, in light ivory. I think they’ve gone out of business or something, because I haven’t been able to locate them other than on Amazon. But it’s a good, high quality and all organic concealer. I use this one for acne.


I have really young skin, and I really don’t need foundation right now. I mostly get away with powder and concealer.

The powder I use is from Physician’s Formula Organic Wear (definitely look into them if you’re looking for lower priced natural makeup) in Translucent Light (although it really isn’t that translucent). It helps to keep the shine off my face and provides a light but not heavy coverage. If you’re looking for heavy coverage, you should use a true powder foundation. This is a cross between powder foundation and translucent powder. Translucent is used on top of concealer to keep it from being sticky. This powder provides coverage as well. It’s sort of like a light powder foundation, I suppose. What I like about this is that you can swipe the whole thing with your brush to get a mix, or use just the colored or white powders separately. I use the white powder in the corner of my eye and sometimes lightly under my lower lash line as a highlighter, to make the eye look more open and awake.



I normally only wear blush for performances and special occasions, but when I do, I really like this kind from Tarte, in the color dollface. It’s pretty expensive, but I haven’t started really experimenting with blush yet. (To be honest, I borrow it from my mom.) Physician’s Formula Organic Wear has some that I want to try. When I do, I’ll definitely post a product review and update this post, okay?

Lip Crayons, Balms, and Glosses



A dewy lip look seems always to be in during the spring and summer. That can easily be achieved by a lip gloss. You can use either a clear lip gloss or a colored one. When choosing a colored one, make sure you choose the right color and tone for your skin as well as the season. If you have an olive complexion, a bright pink will most likely not work, but mauve or red might. Clear lip gloss is great to apply over lipstick as well to give the dewy look. Shown: Yves Rocher Sparkling Coral, lightly tinted. (It is now out of stock, so here is an alternative.)  Also, Burt’s Bees lip gloss in Rosy Dawn.


Tinted lip balms are great as well, because they not only provide color but some provide an SPF and moisture. My favorite of all time is Yves Rocher Raspberry because it smells just so fresh. You can totally tell that it is not an artificial scent. It provides a bright pink pop of color which works if I’m wearing bright spring colors. My other favorite is Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm in Petunia. This has a natural pink color, so it’s perfect for when I want a bit of color on my lips that is natural and subtle.


Lip crayons are a favorite of mine. I like Burt’s Bees’, but I haven’t been able to find the right color yet. This one is from Mineral Fusion, in the color shimmer. I really love this one as it is so smooth and it has a shimmery mauve pink color. Mauves work quite well for me because I do wear a lot of browns and golds. It’s such a gorgeous color.



My favorite makeup brushes are from e.l.f. I’ve had really good quality from them and they are very low-priced as well. You can get them on Amazon as well as Target and Walmart in store. Shown from left to right:  concealer brush,  bronzer/blush brush, big powder brushpowder brush.



To top it off, I like to use a nice, springy, fresh scent. This one by Pacifica is such a pretty orange scent, called Tuscan Blood Orange. I also like this one by Love and Toast.

There you go! My spring makeup. Can’t wait to do summer, featuring waterproof items and natural sunscreens! :)

Disclaimer: The makeup stated in the post are what works for me. Everyone has a different skin tone and type, so it may be different for you. Make sure you chose your colors based on your skin tone!

*credits to Raisa for inspiring me* 

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