Blueberry Planting

Whew! This past week has been extremely busy. Let me tell you what we have been doing.


Last fall Granddaddy did a lot of preparation for our future blueberry beds. He made several beds, tilling in woodchips to make it a purrfect place for the blueberries to grow. We ended up with these beautiful beds, all ready for blueberries.

A couple weeks ago we arranged that we would plant 279 blueberry bushes on Saturday the twenty-first. But because of an ice storm thingy on Monday, the bushes didn’t mail out in time. Therefore the date was switched to this past Saturday, the twenty-eighth. Unfortunately, this would be the same weekend that my parents were going down to Orlando for a conference.

We ended up having enough people as a family came over to help us. (thank you, anonymous family!) But then on Friday, the auger/hole digger broke. We only got in ninety-one holes. This was a blessing as it meant that we only could do a third of the planting this weekend. This was basically all we could do. We might have been able to do forty more bushes, but that would have been pushing it. We got our blueberry bushes on time and started planting at nine o’clock Saturday morning. Well….closer to ten than nine.

The holes – all ready for blueberry bushes!


The bushes themselves


Yesterday we finally finished! We’ve had two of one of my friends’ brothers as well as one of the “anonymous family” helping us for the latter part of the week and I honestly don’t know  when we would have finished if they hadn’t helped us. (After this week, it’s a widely accepted fact that planting a lot of fruit trees or bushes is not easy.)

So, y’all looking forward to blueberry pie, scone and jam recipes next summer?

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