Springtime Mornings on our Farm – A Sketch


{As one might guess by the title, I am waiting in hurried anticipation for spring to arrive. Inspiration struck yesterday morning (yes, while I was doing school) and I started writing. An hour and a half later, I finished. This is the little sketch that I wrote about our farm. Note: We do not have goats, but will be getting some soon! Enjoy.}

The Dawn in Springtime

The sun climbs the purple staircase and greets the orange and pink clouds. A rustic farm lies beneath, buried in a picturesque town. The cocky rooster crows to say, “Good Morning!” as it stirs.

The chickens are always the first to awaken. The featherbrained birds sing their daybreak call as they leave their nightly roost. Pecking at the grass, hopeful for delicious bugs, they make their way into the new day.

Now we hear the wild birds in a musical ensemble. Robins, sparrows, mourning doves, and woodpeckers congregate in the orchard to perform a concert for whoever might listen. Hark! The bluebirds follow. They sing a melodious ten-part canon accompanied by the bubbling spring.

The rambunctious goats arise, eager to begin another playful day. They stretch their legs, prance a bit, and then settle down to eat a meal of luscious grass accompanied by clear, fresh water. They rub noses affectionately before practicing acrobatic acts.

Two ginger cats saunter in to keep watchful eyes on the goats. Why those creatures solely eat grass is beyond their ken; dry food is much more delectable! Positive that their charges won’t be mischievous, they take a bath and nap.

Creeping over the ground, the sunshine kisses the soil. The seeds sprout avidly and grow in the garden, encouraged by the warmth. Morning dew sparkles like diamonds and nourishes the earth.

A soft breeze sweeps across the farm, welcoming the day. Every creature stops and listens to its whispering. It expresses a secret that the beasts of the earth know well.

This is the dawn in springtime.

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