My Favorite Adhesive


I just bought a subscription to Creative Bug, and that website has been really inspiring me! The videos are really good. The other night I watched one on Tape 101. I’ve been seriously crafting for two years now and I thought, I know quite a bit about adhesive…..why don’t I make a post? Adhesive can get very confusing because there are so many kinds in the craft store! It can be hard to find the right one for the purpose you need it for. I picked out my favorite kinds and now I’m going to show you how they work, what their best purpose is for, and where you can buy them.


Snail, aka Tape Runners

My all-time favorite adhesive goes by the cute name of snail. Why? Because that’s what Stampin’ Up!  calls it and I like their name. 😛 Otherwise, it’s called a tape runner. This works best for sticking paper to paper, cardstock to cardstock, paper to tin, and basically, it works the best for paper. You can buy it in permanent and removable, but I buy the permanent. I find that the removable doesn’t really work that well, and you can remove the permanent if you know how to do it correctly. (You have to turn the paper very carefully while peeling it up.) It’s double sided and clear. Basically, it’s like the white-out runner thingummies. You roll it on the paper (wow, my description is really bad!) just like the white-out things. It has a cartridge, so first you buy the full cartridge, and then you can buy a set of three refills. They’re $9.99 but I use a coupon and buy them at Michael’s. I don’t know if you can buy them at A.C. Moore.  You can also buy them on Amazon here. and here for the refills. I use these all the time! Of course, you can replace them with good old double-sided tape, but I honestly prefer these. They’re a lot easier to use!


Adhesive Foam Dots aka Dimensionals

I have my own name for these thingies too. Adhesive foam dots add dimension to your card. So, if you were layering paper, you would want some dimension so it wouldn’t all lay flat. So, see?

3d_adhesive(they look like Altoids)

Adhesive foam dots may be the most inexpensive adhesive you will find. At my craft store, Michael’s, these are up at the front and they sell a pack of 100 foam dots for a dollar. They’re definitely not as high quality as Stampin’ Up!, but they work just as well. They’re basically a piece of foam that is sticky on both sides. They add an 1/8 of an inch of height. I LOVE these and I use them almost as much as snail! They’re best for sticking paper to paper and cardstock to cardstock. (Oh, guess what….they also stick paper butterflies to walls!)


Adhesive Tape aka Sticky Tape or Super Tape

This is my third favorite kind of adhesive. Sticky tape is rather expensive, but it is faaaabulous for heavy duty adhesive application. (Okay, that was a rather long explanation.) You can cut off little pieces to stick buttons, ribbon, metal, embellishments, wood, anything you can’t use snail on. This stuff works so well! It’s really heavy duty and you only need a little bit. It’s definitely too heavy for paper to paper, so I use it mostly for embellishments. It costs I think $2.99 per roll. I buy it in the ¼ inch size and it comes in five yards of sticky tape. It’s clear and double-sided. The red is just the (very static) plastic that keeps it from sticking everywhere. You pull that off after you apply it.


Glue Dots

Lastly, but definitely not least, glue dots are my fourth most-used adhesive. These are like little circular dots of adhesive tape. I use these for sticking ribbon and embellishments to cards. They’re similar to sticky tape, but definitely not as sticky. They work okay for sticking paper to paper if I run out of snail, but because of snail and sticky tape, I don’t use these very much. It also depends on the person’s preference. Some people prefer these to sticky tape and/or snail. They’re double-sided and you pull off the dot, stick it to your object, and then pull off the paper that keeps the other side from sticking everywhere. {Buy on Amazon}