9 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Cat

Everybody seems to be doing Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her. Well, I decided to be different (and somewhat strange) and post gift ideas for your cat. Because this year, Luvems is my Valentine. Not that he’s getting me anything, but…at least I can give him a gift! Maybe someday he’ll get the hint :)


1. Non-Skid Water Dish – Don’t your cats just hate it when their dishes slide all over the place? This one won’t! Plus, it’s BPA free and dishwasher safe!

2. Cat Hammock – Is this not the cutest idea? You can sit in the chair and the cat can sleep comfortably¬†underneath in a confined, dark space! They’ll love this!

3. Deluxe Cat Carrier – Finally, a modern, comfortable, and useful cat carrier! They won’t despise this one while they ride in the height of fashion!

4. Cat Turtleneck Sweater – Keep your precious fluffy darling warm this winter with his own turtleneck sweater! Available in different sizes and two different colors.

5. Cloud Nine Cat Treats – Your cats are guaranteed to love these! I know this for a fact. Luvems and Tiger go crazy over them! Soon they’ll know to come when you shake the jar!



6. Modular Cat Condos – We got one of these for Tiger (pictured above) when he was little, and he loved it! What’s nice is that you can buy a bunch and set up a play palace for them!

7. Cat Bowtie Collar – Your cat can wear this for formal occasions! It is seriously too cute.

8. Cat Tree Condo House – Now your cats can reside like royals in this adorable cat tree! It has dangle things for them to play with, two beds, and scratching posts!

9. Concealed Motion Cat Toy – These are so much fun. The cats love to chase the feathers and it is hilarious to watch them!

I think Luvems will be writing a post tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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