St. Augustine Photo Dump // Days V & VI


Well, it’s the end, y’all! We’ve finally reached Thursday and Friday. I absolutely LOVE the pictures I got on Friday at the beach :)

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Today we went to the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum. Daddy, Junior and I climbed to the very top. It is 165 feet above sea level and was built 1871-74. 219 steps. We got to tour the lighthouse keeper’s house – I guess that was the museum part. Mama climbed to the first landing but decided not to continue. It was pretty high up for sure and the steps were circular and see-through with landings in between.  After the lighthouse, we went back to the campground. The weather was supposed to be nasty so we stayed inside and watched TV and worked on projects until dinner.


Today we watched movies and ate and, you know, DID STUFF until we left for Amelia Island at 2:00. Due to traffic, we arrived at quarter-to-four. We met the photographer and did some shots. Where we started the shoot was a beautiful walkway with woods. We did some warmup shots and then headed out to the beach. It was golden hour, low tide, and simply gorgeous. The ocean was a beautiful aqua and looked just like the end of the third Narnia movie – Aslan’s country.
After our shoot we went to the Ritz and had dinner (I had house fries, chicken and waffles, and chocolate yule log) and went back to the campground to sleep because we left the next day.

Well, that wraps up the whole trip! Wasn’t the beach gorgeous?

singing off,




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