This Month // February 2016


I’m sitting at my desk in my newly organized room, drinking “grapefruitade” (grapefruit juice + maple syrup + san Pellegrino water), listening to Ed Ames sing 60’s music on my record player, and thinking over the month. Man, was it busy.

We got back home from our camper trip on the 31st of December, and the first week of the year was busy trying to get back into the groove of school, adjust to being home, and get all our stuff out of the camper. My aunt ended up going to the hospital with rib complications from the respiratory virus she had. On Friday, it snowed, and we all expected Meadow to come that weekend (while we were snowed in, of course) but she held off until the following Wednesday. That week I was busy helping my aunt and I started a new history curriculum. Muttie (my grandmother) got sick with the same respiratory virus on Thursday. So the week of the 15th was crazy because my mom was cooking food for my great-grandparents, taking care of Muttie, and cooking for my aunt. Chorus started on the 16th.


Last week was my dad’s birthday, chorus, lessons, my granddad’s birthday, and it was calmed down slightly. But Tiger got himself bit by some animal and my parents had to take him to the animal hospital.

Last but not least, our dishwasher has broken several times this month, which is slightly problematic. It’s a highly rated dishwasher, not four years old, and it keeps breaking. BAD DISHWASHER.

I’m hoping February will be less chaotic. January went by in one breath.


This month, I want to look back at my New Year goals and see how I can work on them. I’m also setting goals for February.

  • Start working on this skirt.
  • Start working on map project for history.
  • Help around the house more.
  • Start looking for and hopefully, nail down a theme for photography website. (We bought the domain name! My business name is Aria Photo and the web address will be So modern :) )
  • Take a couple photography classes.
  • Write a vignette.


As you see, I have a lot of “starting” to do. It doesn’t look like an altogether busy month, though (knock-on-wood), so I’m hoping to get these things done.

Before I finish, I’d like to say that this is not my monthly series. Nor am I trying to bring back my This Month’s Goals. I’m still trying to find good monthly post to do but I’ve been so busy that it’s been hard to come up with something :)

Has your month been busy? What are your goals for February?

singing off,


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