A Week of Snaps

Hello Ladies! Did you miss me while I was gone? I’m so sorry it’s been such a long time; I was extremely busy and when I did try to log in to make a new post, it wouldn’t let me! So I had to get my dad to reset my password for me. All that being said, I have a humongous amount of pictures for you! We got about foot of snow, too, this past week, so we’ve also been buried!

This is the first bit of snow that we got on Wednesday. That afternoon, I completely re-organized my craft closet and desk space! Life can finally go on now. šŸ˜›


You can see I organized all my CDs on my topĀ shelf. No, I DO NOT like digital albums. Much prefer to actually hold something. I know, I know, it’s the digital age. But I’m still living in the year of my birth, when people actually had loads of CDs. My faves: Phantom, Cinderella, Lindsey Stirling, Jackie Evancho, Sarah Brightman.



And this is my organized and hard to photograph, craft closet. Yes, it is organized. I should haveĀ taken a picture before I organized it! It’s amazing how much more space you find when you organize things. Nevertheless, I need more space! (All the orange boxes in the right hand corner are my monthly crafting kit that comes by snail mail: Paper Pumpkin)



Friday morning, we saw this!



I’m from New England, moved south when I was three, so I can (faintly) remember the brutal New England winters. This is NOTHING! But as I’ve lived in the south for eleven years, this seemed like a lot! It was probably six inches and snowing steadily.

IMG_9813 IMG_9814

The cats didn’t know what to think. They never can remember the last snows and are always like, “What is this weird, wet fluffy stuff that is cold?” I made an amazing banana-honey stuffed French toast to celebrate. (hint hint: recipe on its way!)


And then Saturday…we had even more snow. We had at least a foot at this point and it had finally stopped.


I staunchly refused to go out in it until Saturday, when everyone, including myself, went sledding. We sled down our long, steep driveway which happened to beĀ loads of fun! I only went once, because it takes fifteen minutes to climb back up it, but that was enough!

So, did you get snow this weekend? Did you go out in it? And are you still buried alive? Can you believe it’s going to be February in a week? Aaaaaahhh!


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