Black Forest Crinkle Cookies

A soft chocolate crinkle cookie with a hint of espresso and tart cherries.


At my last lesson, I promised my violin teacher I would make her cookies. I was brainstorming, visiting my favorite blogs, when I remembered. For Thanksgiving 2014, we had these cookies. These wonderful, chocolaty crinkle cookies with tart cherries and….the best part, the hint of espresso.


However, why should I make them all for my teacher? I decided to give her a dozen. The recipe was supposed to make two dozen, so I could have nine, my parents and Junior could have three, and all would be well.


Okay, not really. We would divide them equally. But it seemed like maybe, I made the cookies a little too large…because it only made seventeen. Whoops. So I shared half a cookie with my cousin, Bobie, who had come up for a violin lesson, and I ate another. Junior ate one, Daddy ate one, and my mom ate one. Then there were a dozen left for my teacher.


I feel so…virtuous and selfless that I could only eat one and half of these wonderful, amazing, chocolaty cookies. (That was meant to be funny, in case you don’t have a sense of humor.) Normally I eat six or seven…or ten or twenty…okay moving on. {momma, hope you didn’t read that.}


It is extremely hard to stop eating these cookies. The perfect combination of chocolate, tart cherries, and espresso, rolled in powdered sugar is literally chocolate perfection in a cookie. You will love these. Take my word on that. Because if you don’t, well…


Make them. Eat them. Enjoy them. {and then feel guilty because you are now off your diet. okay don’t do that.} But seriously, is anyone still on a diet?


I promise you will love them.



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