St. Augustine Photo Dump // Day 2


Are y’all ready for part two of our St. Augustine trip? I first want to say thank you for all the lovely comments you guys left on part one. It means so much and I’m so glad you enjoyed it! :)


the old city gates

st-augustine-2-15 st-augustine-2-13 st-augustine-2-16 st-augustine-2-14


now starting the colonial quarter tour – these are all the flags St. Augustine was under in history.



st-augustine-2-18 st-augustine-2-21 st-augustine-2-22 st-augustine-2-23 st-augustine-2-24 st-augustine-2-25


inside one of the original houses


old fort view from the three-story watchtower

st-augustine-2-7 st-augustine-2-9 st-augustine-2-10 st-augustine-2st-augustine-2-3



This morning has been quiet. Woke up, got ready for the day, ate, and I’ve just been writing in my journal. Daddy had to fix a bug and we’re planning to go see the old city sometime today…

About 11:00 we went over to historic St. Augustine. We started walking down St. George Street, which had a lot of the original buildings, but nothing interesting, except for the original wood schoolhouse – but it was super expensive to get tickets to go inside, so we just looked at the outside. Then we went to a replica colonial quarter tour (and the guide definitely knew his history) which was really interesting. We got to see a shipbuilding exhibit, learn about all the countries St. Augustine has been under, learn about how and why it was founded, see a blacksmith’s, a gunsmith’s, climb the three-story watchtower, and go inside one of the original houses. Everything else on St. George Street was either eateries or tourist traps. We came home about 1:00 to eat lunch and spent the rest of the day watching Victor Borge and My Three Sons.

So there’s the second day! :)

singing off,

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