Traveling Tiptoes, 2

Welcome to another episode of Traveling Tiptoes! I haven’t been anywhere much this week, just to lessons and getting my braces off on Tuesday, so I pulled some old tiptoe pictures out. However, my mom and I are going to DSW to look for shoes tomorrow, so that will be extra fun for you-all!

This was Tuesday. I was all dressed and ready to go and with all my music in my backpack next to me. We are standing by the door.


At the orthodontist, waiting for my braces to come off!!IMG_8647


This is when I was walking down the hill to give back my aunt the nail polish I had borrowed, and to help Muttie pick greens in the garden. (This is an older one)IMG_8652

I have no idea what I was doing here.IMG_8653

In this picture I was hunting for Tiger.IMG_8654

In this I was walking down to help Muttie in the garden, again.IMG_8655

In this one, I was just standing on the grass.IMG_8656

That’s it! Hopefully after tomorrow you’ll have different shoes to look at, other than my black Anne Kleins, cowgirl boots, and occasional sneakers! :) Have a good weekend!

the girl who loves shoes but shoes hate her. (story coming soon!)

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