My 2017 Reading List // A Big Task


Before we left for our trip, I had written up a reading list. I was planning to put 24 books on it, and I had 8 to go. I wanted some good theology/doctrine books but didn’t know of any to read that wouldn’t be over my head, so I asked Granddaddy (because he used to be a pastor) for some books, letting him know that my deadline was January 3rd (so I could post it on the 4th.)

Well…Granddaddy was busy while we were on our trip. So Sunday (the day after we got back) I went down, expecting to knock it out in a couple hours.

Here we are a week, 10 categories, and 105 books later!


JAN.  Of Plimoth Plantation // William Bradford
FEB.  The Story of Liberty // Coffin
MAR. Uncle Tom’s Cabin // Harriet Beecher Stowe
APR.  A Theological Interpretation of American History // Singer
MAY. Heroines of Dixie // Katherine M. Jones, Ed.
JUN.  By Their Blood // Hefley
JUL.  Hitler’s Cross
AUG. History of the United States // George Bancroft
SEP.  A Night to Remember
OCT.  The Night Lives On
NOV.  None Dare Call it Treason & …25 Years Later // Stormer
DEC.  The Robe // Lloyd Douglas


JAN.  A Journey in Grace // Belcher
FEB.  Hard to Believe // John MacArthur
MAR. What’s in the Bible? // R.C. Sproul
APR.  Know What You Believe // Paul Little
MAY.  Know Why You Believe // Paul Little
JUN.  Tell the Truth // Metzger
JUL.  Strange Fire // John MacArthur
AUG. Jonathan Edwards: Evangelist
SEP.  The Almost Christian Discovered // Matthew Mead
OCT.  Fundamentalism and the Word of God // J.I. Packer
NOV.  Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God // J.I. Packer
DEC.  Now That’s a Good Question // R.C. Sproul


JAN.  A Chance to Die // Elizabeth Elliot
FEB.  Robert Murray M’Cheyne // Bonar
MAR. Missionary Patriarch // John G. Paton
APR. Tortured for Christ // Wurmbrand
MAY. The Swans are not Silent Series books #1-3 // John Piper
JUN.  The Swans are not Silent Series books #4-5 // John Piper
JUL.  The Gift of Music // Smith & Carlson
AUG. Marriage to a Difficult Man // Dodd
SEP.  Jonathan Edwards // Nichols
OCT.  God’s Smuggler // Brother Andrew
NOV.  Calvin: Pilgrim and Pastor // Dr. Robert Godfrey
DEC.  When Lightning Struck // Cooley


JAN.  How to Read Slowly // Sire
FEB.  Living by the Book  // Hendricks
MAR. On Writing Well // Zinsser & How to Write for Christian Magazines // Ricks & Marsh
APR.  Starting a Home-Based Business (for Dummies)
MAY. The Hurrier I Go… // Wheeler
JUN.  The Complete Cheapskate // Hunt
JUL.   PHP for Dummies
AUG.  The Memory Book
SEP.   How to Study // Shewan


~Worldviews & Apologetics~

JAN.  The Blood of the Moon // Grant
FEB.  Lifeviews // R.C. Sproul
MAR. Fit Bodies Fat Minds // Os Guinness
APR.  Universe Next Door // Sire
MAY.  Cults and the Occult // Edmond Gruss
JUN.   If There is a God, Why are There Atheists? // R.C. Sproul
JUL.   The Battle for the Beginning // John MacArthur
AUG.  The Grand Demonstration // Jay Adams
SEP.   Evidence that Demands a Verdict
OCT.   Scripture Twisting
NOV.   Thinking Straight in a Crooked World // Gary DeMar
DEC.   Did Adam Have a Bellybutton? // Ken Ham


JAN.  An Invitation to the Classics
FEB.  The Count of Monte Cristo // Alexandre Dumas
MAR. Dombey and Son // Charles Dickens
APR. Sketches by Boz // Charles Dickens
MAY. The Scarlet Pimpernel // Baroness Orczy
JUN.  Ivanhoe // Sir Walter Scott
JUL.  Kim // Rudyard Kipling
AUG. The Family Book of Best Loved Poems
SEP.  Kidnapped // Robert Louis Stevenson
OCT.  Don Quixote // Cervantes
NOV.  Ben-Hur // Lew Wallace
DEC.  Our Mutual Friend // Charles Dickens

~Cultural Issues~

JAN.  Measuring the Music
FEB.  The First Blast of the Trumpet // John Knox
MAR. One Blood // Ken Ham, Carl Wieland, & Don Batten
APR.  Whatever Happened to the Human Race? // Schaeffer & Koop
MAY.  Celebrate Life // Carr & Meyer
JUN.  Ashamed of the Gospel // John MacArthur



JAN-DEC.  Amazing Grace – 366 Hymn Stories
JAN.  Forty Stories of Famous Gospel Songs & O Worship the King
FEB.   A Pastor’s Sketches
MAR.  Knowing God
APR.  Stepping Heavenward // Elizabeth Prentiss
MAY.  The Doctrine of Repentance
JUN.   Female Piety // John Angell James
JUL.   Decision Making and the Will of God // Garry Friesen
AUG.  The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment
SEP.   Letters on Practical Subjects to a Daughter // Sprague
OCT.   Shadow of the Almighty // Elizabeth Elliot
NOV.   Farm Sermons // Spurgeon

~Spiritual Life~

JAN.   Don’t Waste Your Life
FEB.   Mere Christianity // C.S. Lewis
MAR.  Humility: the Forgotten Virtue // W.A. Mack & Humility: True Greatness // C.J. Mahaney
APR.  The Christian’s Guide to Guidance // Jay E. Adams
MAY.  Lectures to Young People // W.B. Sprague
JUN.   When God Weeps // Joni Erickson Tada
JUL.   Trusting God // Jerry Bridges
AUG.  Competent to Counsel // Jay E. Adams
SEP.  The Problem of Pain // C.S. Lewis
OCT.  The Christian Father’s Present to his Children // John Angell James
NOV.  Idols of the Heart // Elyse Fitzpatrick
DEC.  What to do on Thursday // Jay E. Adams

~Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy~

JAN.   Redwall // Brian Jacques
FEB.   Dr. Dolittle // Hugh Lofting
MAR.  The Black Star of Kingston // S.D. Smith
APR.   Ember Falls // S.D. Smith
MAY.  The Princess & the Goblin // George MacDonald
JUN.   The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde // Robert Louis Stevenson
JUL.   The Mysterious Island // Jules Verne

And so that is my 2017 reading list!  We still have a few gaps, but it’s mostly filled. Recognize any of these books?

singing off,

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