Happy New Year!


Welcome to this new year of surprises. Of  learning. Of new opportunities. Of things you will do that you have NEVER dreamt of. Of dreams that will come true. Two thousand and sixteen, I welcome you.

This past year was certainly a big year! I started voice lessons in July and preformed my first solo piece in October. I launched my blog on September eighth. In March, my great-grandfather turned 90 and we had a big birthday party, complete with cousins from TX. But, of course I missed it! I caught the only virus of the year (Go Elderberry Syrup!!) but of course I had to catch it at THAT time.

For readership, at the beginning of the year, when I was emailing little posts to my girlfriends, I had a readership of six or seven people. Now, I have about twenty people on my email list! Not a lot, but it’s completely doubled! If I can double my email list every year…

My new year’s resolutions last year…

  1. Make more blog posts
  2. Save $15 each week
  3. Stay on track with chores
  4. Keep room thoroughly clean
  5. Wake up at 6:45 each morning (I’ll start this Monday)
  6. Try harder in school
  7. Act more mature.
  8. Ask for a raise.

Actually, I didn’t try to do any of these things. I promptly forgot them. But I have checked some off just the same, without trying.

  1. Make more blog posts – back then, I was writing about one every week or less. Now I’m writing them about four to five a week so, yes! Done.
  2. Save $15 a week – uh, no. not happening.
  3. Stay on track with chores – yes! I got this one.
  4. Keep room thoroughly clean – uh, no. nope. negative.
  5. Wake up at 6:45 each morning (I’ll start this Monday) – no matter how hard I tried…I just couldn’t do it. Until December when I decided to get up at 6am every day except for the weekends. Did it succeed? YES! I am still getting up at 6am!
  6. Try harder in School – yes! I can, and I have!
  7. Act more mature.  – Well, let’s say that I haven’t acted more mature, but I am more mature. Done? I think so.
  8. Ask for a raise. – Yup, and I got it, too!

I checked off six out of eight resolutions! Woohoo!

One of my resolutions this year is to save half of my income! So…look out for a budget post soon!

Right now, I don’t have any special things planned for this year. Rest assured, I will find some! Tonight we’re having cheese fondue. I’ll definitely post pictures!

Hope you have a great year!

(Oh, guess what! I was thirteen last year, but I’ll be sixteen next year. Figure THAT out!)



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