New Year, New Series

How are y’all? Excited for this great New Year? I know, I’m an optimist. However I’m pretty sure we’re going to have a good year. Finally, we’re on another even number. (I dislike odd numbers greatly.)

With this  new year, I am going to begin a new series. Excited? Yup, me too. Have you seen me posting pictures like this?


Foot pictures. Which my dad thinks are entirely disgusting. (He just doesn’t like feet.) Well, I thought, I’m always taking foot pictures, so why not turn them into a signature series?

I asked a few of my readers to come up with a name for me. There were several that I loved, but I narrowed it down. I chose “Traveling Toes” from Lizzie. However, it needed something else. So I changed it to…


Wouldn’t it be even better if I was a ballet dancer? Unfortunately, I’m not. Can’t dance to save my life. Anyway, I decided that I would take these pictures and make a post just about once a week featuring the photos and I would describe where I was and what I was doing in the photo. This is my first post! So without further ado…


This picture was taken on Friday. If you live in my area, you’ll know that we got a LOT of rain on Thursday and Friday. This was down by the garden. That part of our property is very low, so all the rain flows down there. It looks like another unnamed tributary! So I stood next to our new creek and took a picture.


This was also taken on Friday. Looks scary, right? This is just to say that I went barefoot a week before New Year’s. Nice, huh?


In this picture, I was walking home from Aunt Kat’s. We had previously made donuts that day, so you can see a little flour on my clothes. However, we weren’t making donuts at her house right then. I went over to feed the baby so that Aunt Kat and Muttie could go to Ace and get some sand for the kids’ new sandbox. Courage, the baby, doesn’t really like me, but for once he actually behaved and ate the food. This was Saturday.


Puddles were left over from the rain, so I decided to splash in one and make a fun picture. My poor leather boots. Junior took the picture and did it on a burst (held the shutter button down) and we got a GREAT picture! This was Sunday.


This was also on Sunday.  This is standing one foot on a rock in our gushing creek – the real one, not the one that is created by rain.

The black shoes are Anne Klein and oh, so practical! They are pretty but also very useful. They have a little wedge on them but are good for running (I should know, I’ve chased Tiger in them) and easy to clean. I haven’t been anywhere really since then, so that’s the last of them! What do you think about my new series? Are pictures of my feet grossing you out?

So, what are you doing for New Year? Are you staying up all night? I am. I’m watching Sherlock Holmes movies (I know, a freaky start to 2016 ) until twelve! Plus, I get tomorrow off from school (yay!) so I will probably catch up on chores. My exciting life. 😛

till tomorrow,


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