Survey Results and New Year Changes!



Last week, I published a short survey for y’all to take. And if you did take it, THANK YOU SO MUCH! It was so helpful and I’m going to make some changes around here according to what y’all said.

(If you didn’t take it, it’s still open, and still helpful!:)

I realize that posting a survey right before Christmas was not really the best time, but I think I got enough people to know what you guys want! Screenshot (23)

I was so happy to see that the largest percent (well, it tied with beauty and fashion, as you can see) of y’all’s favorite posts were photography! Thank you so much. I was worried that I was posting too much photography, but apparently, you guys like it! So I will definitely keep on posting photography.

Screenshot (26)

I’M SO HAPPY YOU GUYS WANT MORE POSTS! Eeeeep this means so much to me :) ♥ Coming January, I will revert back to posting every other day.

Screenshot (24)

I’m really amazed at how many of y’all want to see more life posts! I’m going to think about how I can post more life stuff and I WILL DEFINITELY HAND THE KEYBOARD OVER TO LUVEMS AND TIGER.

Screenshot (22)


This actually didn’t really come as a surprise – I mean like, I know that a lot of you guys are in the 13-15 range. Still it’s fun to see. :) Also interesting to see that my grandmother, my aunt, and my mom did not take this survey. (AHEM, FAMILY.)


Okay! So here are the changes that I’m going to make this coming year.

First, I’m going to revert to posting every-other-day again! I stopped posting as frequently in October, I think, and I really lost a ton of views – and y’all want more posts, so I’m taking your advice!

Second, I’m going to start a series on our trip to St. Augustine, and hopefully, publish more travel-related posts as the year moves more towards summer. Our family really wants to travel more, and I intend to bring that into my blog as that is “life”.

Thirdly, I’m going to start a  new monthly series. I have a few ideas so far, but nothing definite yet.

Lastly, I’m going to jump off a cliff and start writing about something I’ve never really shared about before. I sing and play the violin, and as that’s a part of my life, I want to bring that into my blog as well. I want to share tips about music and help those who aren’t very far in their music studies. Some of this will be more technical, but a lot of it will be catered to an audience who may not understand technical music terms and such.

//what do y’all think about the upcoming changes?//
//do you have any post suggestions?//
//are you going to make changes this coming year?//

singing off,

purrfectly inspired (1)

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