Packing for an RV


Today I thought I’d share with y’all a bit of the process of packing for an RV.

Naturally, it’s quite different from packing for a hotel (i.e. living in suitcases) or just for a whole other home (i.e. beach house). No, packing for an RV is quite different for a few reasons. 1) You’re almost packing for a whole other home, but 2) you’re also packing as if you’re living out of suitcases because that home is small. This means that you have to prioritize what you’re going to bring and ORGANIZE like crazy. Prioritizing is rather hard for a heavy packer like me – because this means that I can’t bring all of my seventeen journals (TRUE FACT: I REALLY OWN SEVENTEEN JOURNALS AND I WRITE IN THEM ON A SOMEWHAT-REGULAR BASIS), or all of my shoes, or all my PENS.


I wrote myself up a list – or rather, three lists: clothes, tech + car + misc, and toiletries. I’ve already packed nearly all of my clothing, so I consolidated the list into this:


I also started collecting things that I won’t be using until we’re ready to leave, but that aren’t quite ready to pack in the camper yet.

Everything I’m going to bring for the car ride I have consolidated into my tote bag. So what I’m not using until then that I bought specifically for the trip: my movie, colored pencils, travel journal, laptop desk, etc. I’ve also put some of my toiletries in a small bucket that I will just transfer to the camper Saturday morning.


Here is a picture of the inside of the freezer. WE HAVE A VERY VERY SMALL FREEZER, Y’ALL. It’s frightening. (Oh and do excuse the quality of the picture – it was so dark that I had to bring up my ISO to 12800 which resulted in a horribly grainy picture. Bleh.)


Our bedroom and my closet just about half-packed. (my bunk is hidden on the opposite side of the room.)

packing-rv-trip-9 packing-rv-trip-12


I’m bringing this backpack to carry my purse stuff while we’re sight-seeing. And speaking of sight-seeing, or rather, taking pictures, I just bought a beautiful 18-200 mil lens for the trip. I’M SO IN LOVE. The range is perfect and this lens has just become my BFF!


We’re all so excited for the trip. I hope y’all enjoyed seeing a bit of the process of packing! :)

//do any of y’all have an RV?//
//oh yes and have I missed anything on my list?//
//what are your packing tips?//

singing off,

purrfectly inspired (1)

p.s. no, the title pic is not mine, but isn’t it just perfect for the post?

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