My New Wallet (That I’ve Wanted for 2 Years)

I know this is late by a lot, but did any of you go shopping on black Friday?

In case you were wondering, I didn’t. Black Friday is way too chaotic for me. Too many people pushing and shoving to get deals that aren’t worth going out the day after Thanksgiving for. However. I did a little shopping elsewhere. I went to this really classy store online and picked out an adorable wallet. The classy store? Target. Yup, I’ve got class. I don’t make a lot of money, so I save money wherever I can. Plus, I love saving money! Getting a good deal makes me feel like dancing the happy dance. Not that I do it. I’m not a dancer.


So anyway, on black Friday, I went on and bought a wallet. It was an adorable one in my favorite color that I had wanted for over a year! Now you probably are thinking that if I had wanted a wallet for over a year, it must have been $200 something. Not at Target though. This silly wallet I had wanted for so long was $15 and always had been! I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $15, even though I could afford it. Spending anything over $10 requires deep thought for several days and constant questioning. Do I need it? Do I just want it? Will I get good use out of it? Will I have to buy a new one in a year? Those kinds of questions. (This is what makes me very different from my mom. We both love pretty things, but I’ll think a while if I need it and she’ll snap up a $200 purse almost immediately.) No, I didn’t need it because I had a perfectly good wallet. Yes, I wanted it because it was cute. No, I probably wouldn’t get more than a year’s use out of it because I had a wallet in the same material from Target and it broke after hardly using it. This is why I didn’t buy it when it was $15. However, when I was browsing for deals on, I saw that the price had been reduced by 40%. It was nine dollars! And I thought, well, I’ve wanted this for two years and this is the lowest price it will probably ever be, and it looks almost designer…should I buy it? As you see, I did. In my favorite color. However I’m seriously regretting not getting two because they have one in rose gold. Oh, and two shades of purple, my next favorite color.

I am very pleased with my purchase. It took FOREVER to get here, but no wonder with the holidays. It’s faux leather, has an adorable gold zipper, and the inside is lime green. It has an iPhone holder inside which perfectly fits my iPhone. It has a place for cash, change, four credit cards, and your ID. I don’t have an ID so I put my adorable picture of Luvems in its place. (Note to self: Get an ID.) The wallet also came with a detachable wristlet which I promptly took off.  I just love the color and it almost matches my iPhone case! Oh, it will also hold a matching pen, even with the iPhone. Just don’t have a lot of change.

I love it because it is cute, bright, functional, and can also masquerade as a clutch.

Oh, and here’s the inside of it….


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