Kitten Cuddles


I was going to save this picture of Luvems for a photography post, but couldn’t resist sharing it sooner. Isn’t he just PRECIOUS??!!

It’s time for another kitten post! When I wrote this post a while ago, it had been raining. It has been droopy. It had been wet. It had been raw. It has been moderately cold (50-60 Fahrenheit) and, most importantly, it is beginning to look like…oh no, not that dreadful word! WINTER. We have moderate winters, where it will get pretty cold (I’ve seen 11 degrees) but normally it stays in the forties in December. It will get as high as 65. January and February are a whole different story…during those months you basically just want to move out of the state and go down to Florida or, the Caribbean. However, even when it’s not really that cold, just raw and wet, the cats do not like the weather.

Correction. Luvems does not like the weather.

Tiger is really, a happy-go-lucky cat. To him, it doesn’t matter if it’s 32 degrees or 82 degrees. He always leaps out of the garage every morning to hunt. (He lives up to his name and is a fearless hunter.) Luvems, on the other hand, sleeps in, and will hesitantly leave the garage in the morning. If it’s not the nicest weather (think below 55), he will make “the rounds”. First he’ll go to my dad’s office. He’ll look in the window, meow a lot and just stare at Daddy, to make him feel guilty. That cat wants to come in so bad! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. After hanging around the office for a while, he’ll come to the door by MY desk. He will meow and cry and stare at me too. It doesn’t work on me either because he can’t run around the family room all morning. After that he’ll go up to the front of the house,  sit at the big glass door, and just watch everyone walking by.

But, in the afternoon? I’m normally in my bedroom doing chores (think cleaning it up…) or practicing music, so I will look out for Luvems. After lunch I’ll walk around the house, and search for him. Normally he’s still sitting at the door by my desk. I’ll open the door, let him walk in, then scoop him up and bring him to my bedroom. That cat will walk around my room, check out what I’m doing, and after a little while, curl up on my bed, take a bath, and go to sleep (or at least pretense of it).

When he’s sleeping on my bed, it is sooo cute that I just can’t help pulling out my iPhone to take a picture. Don’t you agree?


I KNOW! He is so cute!


In the garage, the cats sleep together every night now. It is so adorable, especially when they’re like this!


Tiger went to sleep on my lap the other day.


I thought this was just too funny and cute not to share!


And here’s another funny cat meme….


Ha! Don’t you just love cats? That was your dose of PURR for the day!

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