I Hopped on the Bandwagon!


“Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore. Now with these beautifully designed adult coloring books, you can join millions of adults coloring worldwide!”

Sorry for pitching annoying sales talk on you, but haven’t you heard something like that recently? Yup. You’ve seen those things. Adult coloring books of all shapes and sizes and filled with almost anything are EVERYWHERE! And I hopped on the bandwagon and joined the “millions” of people coloring for therapeutic reasons. I don’t need to color for de-stress (coloring is stressful because I can never find the right colors!!) but I fell in love with the designs in some of the books that I had seen.

My Muttie (my grandmother, we all call her Muttie, which is German for mother) bought a beautiful coloring book for my great-grandmother, her mom. Grandma suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and used to do some easy sewing crafts, but she recently forgot how to do them. So Muttie decided to get her a coloring book and pencils. She got a beautiful Bible verse one. I was at my great-grandparents’ apartment when Grandma showed me her coloring book. It was really beautiful!

For Grandma’s birthday we got her another beautiful coloring book that was all such beautiful nature designs. I loved it so much that I went to the store and bought one too, along with a set of pencils. I had wanted one called Creative Cats but they didn’t have it when I went. A week later, Muttie was at the same store and saw they had the cats in. She bought the book for me and I was so happy!! I bought another set of colored pencils on Amazon and I have finally completed my first coloring page! See below:


This is one of the pages in the Living Wonders book


This is another of the cat coloring pages…


My pencils!


And now, for a funny cat meme of Luvems…


So, what do you think? Do you like adult coloring too?

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