What I’ve Been Reading

Recently, I have had some nice reading time. Not that I’ve been any less busy, though, I’ve just made more time for reading. Note: another favorite thing about fall and winter; curling up with blankets by the fireplace with a book and a mug of hot apple cider or tea. #bestlife

I thought y’all might be interested in the books I’ve been reading. If you don’t like reading….don‘t read this post. But, then, who doesn’t like reading?


The first book I started was a Dickens novel. One of my good friends is also a book devourer and reads TONS of books. INCLUDING…the classics. Dickens, Bronte, Austen…you know what I’m talking about…right? So I asked her about what Dickens I should start with. I decided it was time to start reading the classics and figured I might as well start somewhere…the problem is WHERE do I start? She recommended either Little Dorrit or David Copperfield, both of which I had heard of in the Betsy-Tacy Books. I decided to get Little Dorrit on my Nook and started reading it in early September. First off, I read just about three hundred pages. (It’s a 900 page novel) Then I stopped reading it. After a while I read some here and there until I reached I think page 450. A long time later, I picked up my nook one night and decided to read more. I finished the first book and started the second – and read the second THAT NIGHT! (Little Dorrit is divided into two books.) Don’t ask how long it took. Anyway, I ended up really enjoying it! If you like Dickens or are interested in reading the classics, I definitely recommend Little Dorrit. Just remember that it has many sub-plots. It’s like this. You learn about all these people, and their stories, and then all of the sudden, their paths cross, and while crossing, you get the actual plot. It was definitely confusing at times…but once you get into the second book, you really start enjoying it. (At least I did :) )

I also wanted to read Pride and Prejudice, but my friend lent me borrow from her a Bronte novel that she said was somewhat like Pride and Prejudice, but a little lighter. I started with that one and read nine chapters but stopped. It was a little confusing. After a while, I picked up the book again, and finished it in one night. The story starts out with a bunch of stuff that was pretty confusing and that I didn’t understand, but after I passed the first nine chapters, it got a lot easier.  I really did like it once I got to the middle. I definitely recommend this one too! It’s called Shirley by Charlotte Bronte.

Lastly, the most recent book I have read has been a book on blogging. I looked on Amazon for a blogging book and this one came up. It said it was a number one best seller, so I had my dad check it out and order it for me. I love it! So helpful and easy to read. The book is called How to Blog for Profit: Without Selling Your Soul.

Other books I’ve enjoyed recently? Adult coloring books. But that’s coming later.

Until next time….

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