My Week’s Snaps

Just for another fun post, I decided to sum up all the snaps I took this week and share them with y’all.

Crafting….got an order on my website for love notes, and they were out of stock. SO, I MADE THEM!IMG_3427

Waking up one morning…no, I don’t close my blinds at night…no it’s not scary….yes, they’re broken…



Having fun editing pictures!IMG_3723

Finally cold enough for the kitties to snuggle!IMG_3786

Making muffins…IMG_3797

They turned out DELICIOSO!IMG_3806

Making caramel to go on my TURTLES….IMG_3816

As you can see!IMG_3818

Getting ready to put on the caramel… IMG_3822


Almost done with my coloring page! love adult coloring books! This one is Creative Cats.small-coloring



What has your week been like?

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