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I asked some of my readers to ask me questions and I would feature fifteen of them on my blog. Some of them are pretty funny! Enjoy. If you have other questions for me you can contact me using my contact page on


Sorry, just had to put that picture of Luvems there.

Q: What was your most embarrassing moment? A: Umm…I really don’t know. I don’t have a lot of them and don’t remember any!

Q: What is your favorite book, what character would you like to be from it, and why? A: My favorite book is Rilla of Ingleside and I would love to be Rilla. Why? Just because.

Q: Do you have any funny pet-peeves? A: Hmm. Maybe not funny ones, but some of my pet-peeves are extremely slow internet, movies that aren’t high-res, when the volume doesn’t work on your computer, and when people think AQUA is TURQUOISE! This is aqua. This is turquoise. BIG DIFFERENCE!

Q: What is the grossest thing you have ever eaten? A: Mushrooms. Yeah, they’re disgusting.

Q: Would you rather lick…A toad? A rough branch? A spoon of fish oil? A spoon of chili sauce? Or an old smelly sock?  A: Definitely chili sauce. Somebody get me a glass of milk please!

Q: What type of dance moves do you do while listening to Lindsey Sterling? A: Well, I don’t dance. At all. It’s not my talent and I’m very awkward at it…so when I listen to Lindsey I normally am tapping my foot very hard. And sometimes, when I’m in solitude, I try to dance. It consists of hopping on one foot, and sometimes kicking over a photography light…WHY DO I EVEN TRY?

Q: Who would you pick to throw you out of an airplane? A: Probably my dad. He’d research and make sure he knew how to throw someone out of the airplane correctly. But I’d make sure I didn’t forget my parachute!

Q:  If you had to choose between a pair of overalls and a shirt that was size x4 with a huge skirt, which would you wear to see the president? A: The overalls. I would cut them up and make a cute jumper out of them with my almost non-existent sewing skills.

Q: What animal do you think you are most like? A: Ummm….not a snake, not a bear, and I’m not sly, so not a cat. This is very puzzling! I really like to talk, so maybe a parrot? Haha! And I love to sing, so I think I’m most like a bird!

Q: Do you like semicolons? A: Yes, I use them all the time when writing books and essays like that. I just don’t use semicolons when talking in real life, that’s why you rarely see them on my blog.

Q: How much caffeine is too much caffeine? A: You know, I really don’t have much experience with caffeine. I never drink coffee (Okay, I’m not allowed to) and the only caffeinated drinks I’ve had are tea. So I don’t really know. I guess when you’re jittery…I heard that if you hold your hand out and it shakes by itself you’ve had too much caffeine.

Q: Cupcakes or muffins? A: CUPCAKES! With cream cheese or buttercream icing, please.

Q: What is your favorite sport? A: I’m not into sports AT ALL, so I guess swimming?

Q: Why 50 Oprahs and one Buffy? A: Well, some of you don’t know this, but before we got the chickens we have now, we had 50 black chickens named Oprah. A friend gave us a yellow chicken named Buffy. Unfortunately Buffy didn’t really fit in well…

Q: What is something that you want, but you don’t think you could ever have? A: Um…hmm. An older sister.

Q: If you could travel anywhere…where would it be? A: Well, hmm. I wrote about ten places I’d like to go, but I think if I could choose one of those places, it would be Rome. Rome fascinates me. Oooh, or Venice. How about Italy in general?

Q: Would you consider yourself a country or city girl? A: Three years ago I was totally a city girl. Now, I’m a country girl. But I can be both. In the country I’m a country girl and in the city I’m a city girl.

Q: How did you come up with the name Luvems for your cat? A: Luvems was the name of the orange cat that was my Aunt Kat’s. I knew that cat until I was three, and then we moved from New England to the South. When I got Luvems, I wanted an orange cat so I could call him that name!

Q: What is your absolute favorite Broadway musical and/or song? A: Think of Me, from the Phantom of the Opera, totally!

Q: Are you big on dried fruit? A: Yes, I’ve always loved dried fruit, particularly apricots!

Q: Mild chocolate or dark? A: If by mild you mean milk, then definitely milk. However, I will definitely eat a good dark chocolate bar – it just makes me very thirsty for no known reason.

Q: What is the weirdest/craziest thing that Luvems or Tiger has ever done? A: Probably to sleep in some very odd place….OH YES! It was when Tiger slept on the top of the wheel on the car! I’ll have to dig up a picture, it’s very funny!


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