Fall Giveaway!


Today I am very excited to announce something that I think y’all have been waiting for!

Last November, I received this kit from Paper Pumpkin that I wasn’t able to use because we don’t celebrate Christmas. The actual kit itself hasn’t even been opened yet. It has the entire craft set, a stamp set, and ink.

paper-pumpkin-craft-kit-giveaway paper-pumpkin-craft-kit-giveaway-5 paper-pumpkin-craft-kit-giveaway-4 paper-pumpkin-craft-kit-giveaway-3 paper-pumpkin-craft-kit-giveaway-2 - Copy

And then today I received this kit in the mail too. It has two inkpads, a stamp set, and the craft set. I won’t be able to use either one so I’m going to give both of them away!

paper-pumpkin-craft-kit-giveaway-6 paper-pumpkin-craft-kit-giveaway-8 paper-pumpkin-craft-kit-giveaway-7

paper-pumpkin-craft-kit-giveaway-11 paper-pumpkin-craft-kit-giveaway-10

(also i’m really sorry about these pictures – the lighting was so bad!!)

I love these Paper Pumpkin kits so much and they’re perfect for last minute cards! I think y’all will love them too :)

This time, there can be two winners, so make sure you go and enter!

  1. First, you must live in either the US or Canada.
  2. Fill out the below contact form and tell me what your creative outlet is for one entry. Also, in the subject, put “orange” if you want the first box and “blue” if you want the second box.
  3. Subscribe to my email list for an additional entry (I don’t have a box thingy yet, so you’ll just have to use the contact form.)
  4. Refer a friend to get 2 more entries.
  5. You have one week to enter!

Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing 😉 The contact form is right below.

* indicates required field

singing off,

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