Behind the Scenes

I decided to do a little behind the scenes post of my kitties. I love taking pictures of them and they’re always so well behaved – except when they’re not! I’ve got tons of pictures of them being crazy so I thought I’d share for a laugh. Enjoy! :)

This was a whole year ago when Tiger was a baby. He apparently does not appreciate his toy.


I realize you don’t like getting your picture taken, but you didn’t have to walk out on me! IMG_5896

Oddly enough, the cats always manage to take a bath whenever I’m shooting pictures of them. IMG_0419

New look, Luvems? I like it :)IMG_5247

No, no, no! I said SMILE, not STRANGLE!IMG_5900

Thank you kindly, Luvems, for helping me with school! IMG_4287

Great position, Tiger, but that wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.IMG_0525

Okay come a little closer Tiger. No, that’s too close!IMG_9350

Have to be in every picture, don’t ya?IMG_0530

Yes Luvems, I understand you like to be in nests. Unfortunately I have to break it to ya…YOU’RE NOT A BIRD! And that tree isn’t going to keep you warm. Sorry.IMG_9395

Thanks for making sure you can keep yourself clean, Luvems, but um…I’m trying to take a picture here!aria  camera 2013 050 (2)

I appreciate the fact you want to make sure I get a good close-up…but Luvems? Next time, not so close.IMG_0069

Checking out the fragrance of those flowers, baby? Or were you hoping there might be mice in the pot?IMG_0723

Haha! Well, I hope you liked seeing some not-so-perfect pictures for a change!

xoxo                                                                                                                                                                                  aria & the mischievous kitties

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