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As some of y’all may know from last year, we host a HUGE Thanksgiving. Big menu, lots of food, lots of people…lots of preparation and lots of stress. My mom always hosts it and this year we’re having 22 people. (My aunt’s family of course takes up over a third of that 😉 ) I thought it would be fun to show you guys some of the stuff we’re doing to prepare right now. The countdown is currently 1 week, 2 days, so things are getting crazier and crazier!



This week, my mom is already making stuff like cranberry bread and cheesecake that she will freeze and pull out the night before Thanksgiving. Mama is incredibly organized and so she has made up lists (oh hundreds of lists, trust me) for shopping and what she is going to make on what day and so forth. Some of the dishes on our menu are turkey, stuffing, creamed corn, citrus and kale salad, wild rice salad, brussels sprouts, shallots, desserts (PIES, PEOPLE.) and a bunch of other things. I’m making eggnog and mincemeat pie. :) All three houses on the property will be cooking like crazy on Tuesday and Wednesday so apparently I got roped into going house to house and helping. (Which is basically just Muttie’s and my Aunt’s houses as my mom will not let me into the kitchen.)

thanksgiving-prep-7684 thanksgiving-prep-7686


thanksgiving-prep-7695 thanksgiving-prep-7701

Last year, if you remember, my cousins were all Pilgrims. This year, they’re Pilgrims again, and I’m the lone Indian. I think they’re going to give a presentation as well. Junior is going to play a hymn on his guitar and my mom and I are playing a violin hymn medley. I’m also singing a beautiful German piece titled Dank sei dir Herr (Thanks be to Thee). I think we’re all going to sing a hymn too so it will be a full program! I’m working on my Indian costume this week and here are some sneak peeks for y’all!

thanksgiving-prep-7414 thanksgiving-prep-7425 thanksgiving-prep-7656

decoration & misc

thanksgiving-prep-7742 thanksgiving-prep-7726 thanksgiving-prep-7704 thanksgiving-prep-7717

These are some of the things we’re using for table decorations. We have a bar in the kitchen which we are setting up as a buffet for the food, so the table will be filled with a big display and whatnot. My great-aunt-and-uncle are coming in on Monday and staying at my grandparents’ house so next week is going to really busy! I’m looking forward to it, though, just like I do every year. :)

And that about sums up everything!

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?
What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?

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