Thanksgiving Recipes! (Countdown to Thanksgiving)

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I guess one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is food. I mean, come on, there’s so much of it! Our menu, as I described in my last Countdown to Thanksgiving post, is quite elaborate. My mom and aunt like to have enough leftovers to last a week! And most of the time, we do. Every Thanksgiving we try to source as much as we can organic or from our farm, but this year our theme is farm-to-table. Which means that even more of our farm veggies will be present at dinner! We’re even going to have a venison shepherd’s pie – from our own deer. How about that? Nice, I know.

Today I’m putting together a couple¬†Thanksgiving recipes that you should have at your table.


Instead of the regular Apple Pie, why not have these at your breakfast table?


Make your own cranberry sauce this year instead of buying it! I promise it’s way better!


Do you like stuffing with your turkey? Here’s a great recipe on one of my favorite blogs!


Cookies you say? What about these snickerdoodles? I’ve made them before and they are delish!


Pecan pie? How about this recipe?

Pumpkin pie? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I’m making a post about it soon!


Eggnog? YUMMY!!!!! I just published this recipe, too!


Do you know how to roast your own turkey? No? This tutorial fills you in on all the information you need to know!

These are just a few really amazing recipes. Keep checking for more that I will be posting! Thanksgiving is coming sooner than y’all think!

Next up, I’m doing Thanksgiving decorations.


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