My Top 5 Favorite Blogs


Before  I even started my blog, I was reading  several blogs. Some like Love and Olive Oil,  others like The Pioneer Woman (which, by the way, LOVE her blog and cooking show!), and a few like A Little Craft in Your Day. All of the blogs I read (and still read) were starting to mold the way I wanted to blog. After reading so many blogs for a while, a few of them started to really stick with me. If I really liked the layout and material of a certain blog I’d subscribe to email updates. If I still really liked everything I was seeing on that blog and the writing style of the person behind it, then I would check it more frequently. And then, I’d start checking some every day. Some of my favorite blogs have “how to blog” series that I really enjoy and found useful. Because I really love these blogs, I thought I’d share them. Here are my top five favorite blogs in order.

1. Sally’s Baking Addiction. I check Sally’s blog every day. She is so much fun, her blog is so colorful, and she has a major sweet tooth! I guess you can see that  I like her blog. After all, I’ve featured a few of her recipes on here in my 10 Yummy Smoothies post, 5 Muffin Recipes post, and my Six Fantastic Pumpkin Recipes post. Her recipes are so yummy! I bought her latest cookbook, Sally’s Candy Addiction, and I’m loving it. I found Sally over a year ago and have loved her blog ever since. My craft teacher told me about her cookie dough, and naturally I was like, “COOKIE DOUGH? GIVE ME THE RECIPE!!”. (Sorry, can’t find the recipe to give y’all the link! :( ) I’ve been a follower ever since. I’ve made a few of her recipes and love them. I’d make more, but unfortunately I only have time to bake on the weekends….and I can’t make sweets all the time, as much as I want to! She’s my go-to for recipes and I’m always on her blog. I enjoy her life posts and photography part of her blog, and her blog tips too!

2. Hello Natural. I found Hello Natural soon after finding Sally’s blog. What happened was this: I was searching for how to make your own raspberry tinted lip balm (because I am in love with the raspberry tinted lip balm from Yves Rocher and wanted to make it myself), and Hello Natural’s post came up. Then I began looking at other posts by Hello Natural and of course, with it being all things DIY, LOVED IT! I subscribed to emails and every other day I get an email from Hello Natural. It’s my go-to for diy recipes and how-tos, and I really enjoy all the posts! If you’re into DIY products you’ll love it too!

3. Girl Loves Glam. I found McKenzie’s blog because one of her hairstyle posts was featured on Hello Natural. I love her blog. I love her makeup posts, hair posts, and outfit posts. She’s got a ton of great tutorials, from beauty to crafting, photography, and style. I love her writing style too – I love it when people write like they’re talking to you. McKenzie has also published a makeup book which I’m planing to get…sometime…when I have the money. Her clothing style is really cute – who can’t look at this outfit without thinking it’s cute? Anyway, check out her blog. You’ll love it!

4. Hair Romance. I also found Hair Romance on Hello Natural…one of her posts was featured. Hair Romance is all about everything hair – all sorts of styles. It’s so helpful because Christina has so many posts on braids, curls, you name it! She also has blogging posts which are very helpful!

5. Inspired By This. Inspired by This is a mixture of a lot of wonderful things. First, there are posts on business. Then follows posts on fashion, DIY, and beauty, and after that comes beautiful wedding and engagement photography. Even more includes home decor, entertaining and travel, and food. Inspired by This is full of so many beautiful photos and posts and I enjoy reading them. I love reading the wedding posts – the photography is so beautiful. As I’m interested in photography, it’s nice to have a blog that has a ton of that.

These are my top five favorite blogs. What are yours?

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