The Colors of Fall

So…the trees are REALLY changing color right now. I am enjoying the colors! Everything is so beautiful! Saturday a photographer came and took a family photoshoot (which I might share) – and we moved an icy blue couch outside for it. She took a few single shots of me and my violin when I got a fabulous idea. And this is how that fabulous idea turned out:


Quite frankly, I think that picture is amazing! But of course, that’s my opinion. I don’t know about yours. :)  Don’t you think it was a great idea, though?


I like it so much that I got more than two…I actually got five!


But I’m only showing you three…I’ll pull out the others later :).

The fall foliage is just so beautiful. I know I say this every fall, but seriously, could it have been this beautiful last year? I don’t know. Maybe…but it doesn’t seem likely! Seems like each year it’s more and more beautiful!




We have quite a nice variety of trees on our property. I can’t wait for three years to go by when our orchard is bearing fruit. Think of how beautiful all those apple trees will be in the spring! And all the wonderful cider, applesauce, pies…oh my word. YUM YUM!!


Junior’s proven himself to be talented with a camera as well. He must get it from my dad! They’re both a whiz at the computer and basically anything electric. Anyway, Junior has taken quite a few really cute pictures of the cats and I thought I’d share a couple…



He also has gotten some really good pictures of the deer. Isn’t this one so good with the sun where it is?


His camera has a pretty good optical zoom lens!


Junior has his own photography business, Bumble Bee Photography. He’s been charging me for his services and stock photos. He charges $2.00 an hour for photography sessions and $0.05 a picture for editing. Believe it or not, he uses Adobe Photoshop and manages to do really well! I’ve had to engage his services once or twice – only I found I had gone broke. Oops! Anyway, that explains why the photos are watermarked with Bumble Bee Photography.

All of my photos were taken and edited with my iPod touch 5. Junior’s photos were taken with a General Imaging X2600. Click here to see how to take and edit photos with an iPhone.

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