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Allison and I are both farm girls, so when I asked her if we could do an interview swap, themed “farm girl”, she totally agreed. It’s been so cool to see our similarities and differences with this and I hope y’all enjoy! Make sure to go read my interview over on her amazing blog!

(oh and by the way, this is all her photography except for the title picture.)

2016-10-12-Allison(fall,calves,buildings) (122)

Have you always lived on a farm? If not, when did you move to the farm, and why? Yep, I have always lived on a farm. I moved from a tiny house across the lane to the house we live in now when I was one, but I’ve never lived off the farm.

Why and how do you identify yourself as a farm girl? I just love living on a farm! I love the scenery – gorgeous green alfalfa fields, walls of corn, edible field radishes; I love the space (so many fun trails and special spots!); and I love the farm traditions like playing in harvested corn every autumn and eating lunch in the field with Dad.

farm 2

What’s something about you that is the least farm-girl like and unexpected? It’s funny but I don’t actually work much on the farm besides gathering eggs (and making metal nest compartments for the chickens). I know how to drive our two ATVs and sort-of-a-little-bit the skidsteer, but not much else – I leave that stuff to my brothers. XD I prefer to stay inside and make things or blog, or else just enjoy the farm by walking around it – and photographing it. 😊

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Do you do anything that is very stereotypical for a farm girl? Hmm… I can’t think of anything, but I don’t know what a stereotypical farm girl would do. XD But I’m not that outdoors-y or tomboy-y, which I guess might be the stereotype? I do help Mom with the garden… Uh, I’m not sure about this one. XD

What’s your favorite farm chore? Well I basically have only one farm chore (like I just said) which is gathering eggs, unless you count feeding the pets. I would choose feeding the pets any day, especially because that involves BUNNIES! 😃

What’s your least favorite farm chore? Again, gathering eggs. It might not seem so bad until you hear that we have 24,000 chickens. Seriously! We have three 400-foot long chicken houses that hold about 8,000 chickens each. Thankfully we don’t have to gather them all by hand – I would really hate it then! Instead, the eggs roll onto a conveyor belt after they’re laid and all we have to do is pick them off and sort them (and clean them ☹). It’s not hard, it’s just boring. :/


How big is your farm? It depends on whether you count the acres we rent or just the ones we own. We own about 450 acres, and rent about another 150. Our farm is pretty big for where we live.

What is the main purpose of your farm? We grow (and sell) crops mainly, but we also “harvest” eggs. Dad and Grandaddy grow crops like corn, alfalfa, soybeans, triticale, barley, and field radishes. And of course, we have the chicken houses. We send the eggs to a hatchery near us. Oh, and we also have a dairy, but Dad rents it to his cousin so we don’t really do much with that.

Do you have many employees, or is it just a family business? We do have one employee who works at the chicken houses, but it’s mostly a family business. My Dad’s cousin rents the dairy, and he has several employees, though.

our house

Do you live in a farmhouse? Yep! Sure do! Our house was built somewhere around 1900.

What is your favorite farm memory? Hmm… I love the times when my family goes for walks around the farm. Once we tried to walk the boundaries of our whole farm (the parts we own, at least) but we didn’t quite make it. XD Phew, that was hard! I also love when we play in the corn kernels. We like to jump into them from a ladder in the grain bin – kind of like jumping from a hay loft.

Carmen and Maggie

Allison’s little sister Carmen and their dog Maggie

Thanks so much Allison for doing this interview with me! I love your answers!

Now, y’all go read mine here!

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