Five Fall/Winter Purse Must Haves

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  1. You really need lotion in fall and winter because although this dry weather is great for hair, it’s dreadful for your skin! Every night I lotion up my hands, yet still they’re dry! I have to reapply constantly. I can’t stress this enough. When your skin cracks and dries, it’s not very comfortable or pretty either. I insist you need moisturizer too. Not for your purse, but everyday use. Even if you have acne, moisturizer is a must! I use Yes to Tomatoes, which isn’t greasy and is created for acne-prone skin. IMG_1313
  2. Lip Balm. Right now I have been using up my lip lotion like crazy! Dry, cracked lips are worse than dry skin because if you eat salt or citrus, it’s gonna hurt! Keep that lip balm on! Now through the end of November my lip balms are buy one, get one 50% off with the code PURR50. You can purchase them at http://agirlandacat.comIMG_1328
  3. Yep, keep a pair of mittens in your purse! You never know when you’re going to need them! Especially driving in the winter; steering wheels are cold! Plus, when your hands are cold they get dry very easily. Amazon has a very cute pair here.IMG_1316
  4. You need Kleenex in the fall and winter dreadfully! My nose starts to run when it starts to get cold and dry and I’m always using up my box of Kleenex! You should keep one in your car, and a little mini one in your purse. I also keep one in my bathroom AND my bedroom AND in my desk. I have nose running problems!                        originalherb-bag
  5. Cough drops. Now, you’re probably wondering why I recommend cough drops if you don’t have a cold! But the truth is, in the fall and winter, when it’s so dry out, sometimes your throat can get dry too, and then it’s really hard to stop an itch, especially if you don’t have water nearby. I like Ricola personally, and because it’s natural I feel safe eating them. Or, if you want to make your own cough drops, here’s a recipe on Hello Natural.
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