Ten Things You Don’t Know About Me


  1. I tell everyone that I don’t like chocolate, but I actually really do :)
  2. I own approximately five backpacks.
  3. Our family once had a pet hamster, named Mr. Tippets.
  4. One Mother’s day, my mama gave my Muttie four pet birds. Turned out they were too noisy and drove my granddaddy up the wall, so we sold them in a yard sale.
  5. Speaking of yard sales, we tried to sell Mr. Tippets in one once. He didn’t sell. Unfortunately, he met his Maker soon after. I believe it was the stress of thinking he was going to be sold.
  6. I have thirteen pairs of shoes. Yikes!
  7. I was born in New Hampshire. I lived there until I was three, and then we moved to the beautiful Southern States.
  8. I have two memories from New Hampshire. No, three. 1: Falling off the countertop. 2: Jamming my toe on the big, heavy door leading from my great-grandparents’ apartment to the rest of the house. 3: Tripping on wires, falling, and breaking my piggy bank. As you can see, I have very pleasant memories!
  9. When I was eight, I had a water/ocean themed bathroom. I had two pet fish to go with it. They died.
  10. Before we moved to our estate, we lived in a neighborhood, and my grandparents lived in a house right next to us. Between the two houses we had a lawn. In the middle of the lawn, was a tree. It was my pet tree. I even wrote a poem about it!
  11. I’m putting in an order for a black cat, with half of its face white. I want to call it “Phantom”. (Yes, you guessed it. I’m a Phantom of the Opera fan.)
  12. I am an office supplies freak. Every August, I go crazy when I shop for back-to-school supplies. Literally. You should see my closet and desk. I have enough notebooks and pencils to last me through ten years of writing one five-hundred-page book a year.
  13. I am a talker. I basically talk nonstop and then some more. But there are two times when I don’t talk. If I’m really excited, or really nervous (or both!) I shut up like a clam. So weird! But then, I am weird.
  14. I am always mixing up my sentences. They produce really funny results like… “Okay, I will undish the loadwasher.”
  15. Sometimes, when I want to say “actually”, I say “acutely” in my mind instead.
  16. I probably read about three hundred books a year. Why three hundred? Well, I average a book a day. Some days I don’t read at all, but to make up for that, some days I’ll read four or five books. And then there are some days that I don’t make up for not reading. There are three-hundred-sixty-five days in a year, so by leaving out the sixty-five days, that means that I miss a little over one day. In fact, I miss 1.160714285714286 days each week of reading. (okay. I’m not supposed to be good at math here!)
  17. Ever since I can remember, and unto this day, when I see the word, “untitled” I read it, “ you-ni-titled”. I am so weird.

Okay, I thought this was supposed to be only TEN facts? Oops!

*Photo credit to Kaboom Pics*

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