How to Take & Edit iPhone Pictures

I have spent a lot of time experimenting with different apps for my iPod that will edit my pictures. iPhones and iPods take moderately good pictures if you know how to position and use them correctly, but the pictures are still not up to a professional camera. Because I can’t afford a $600 camera right now, I’ve had to compromise with my little iPod. I have finally hit the “sweet spot” in editing.



Correct Position:


After Edit:


You see the difference from before and after editing? Now here I am going to show you how to do that!

The two apps I use for editing are Aviary by Adobe, and Font Candy + by Easy Tiger.

1. When you take your picture, set your camera on HDR. (I forgot to do it in this picture, but HDR upgrades the quality of the photo.) Tap the screen to set your focus point. The focus point is in the little yellow box. If you’re taking the picture for Instagram you’ll want the photo on the square setting. I prefer square anyway.


2. Now, in Aviary, enhance your photo. Depending on your photo, choose the enhance mode that brings out the colors. It just so happens that the Food setting was the best for this photo!


3. Next you can adjust the lighting. Definitely there will be plenty of pictures you take that are going to be too dark or too bright. This is one of my favorite settings.


4. If your picture was not as clear as you would have liked it to be, you can increase the sharpness. Apple cameras normally don’t take the clearest photos, so I normally increase the sharpness in every picture I take.


5. Now you can really work on your focal point. This setting will lightly blur out around the little focus point circle.


6. I use the blurring tool to finish softening all the edges around the perimeter of the picture and to blur out anything I don’t want. It also helps to really focus on the “eye” of the picture.


This is the picture after all the changes made in Aviary.


Finally I put the picture in Font Candy +. I add my web address at the bottom for copyright. I add shadow on the letters to define them more also enlarge and space them out. Then I’m done!


Finished Photo!




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