Fall Card Tutorial


Well, today is the first day of fall, y’all. Woohoo! Finally! Seems like we’ve been waiting to say, “It’s Fall!” for like, oh, FOREVER! To celebrate, I am going to give you a card tutorial.


Step one: Cut your cardstock. The dimensions of this card are four and a quarter by five and seven-sixteenths. SO, you’re going to cut your brown cardstock: eight and a half by five and seven-sixteenths.


Step two: Now you’re going to score your cardstock. Score at four and a quarter.


Step three: Now fold your card with the bone folder/scorer thingy.

Cut 2

Step four: Now cut your  white cardstock. The dimensions are: five by four.

Apply Adhesive 2

Step five: Now apply adhesive to your white cardstock. I like to use what I call “snail” but it is really called “Tombow Mono Permanent Adhesive”. You can get it at Michaels.


Step six: Adhere your white cardstock to your card.


Step seven: Place your stickers or embellishments on your card.

Apply Adhesive

Step eight: If your embellishments are not self-adhesive, add some adhesive. For this I use glue dots. I got mine from Stampin’ Up, but I’m sure they sell them at Michaels. Snail is definitely not going to cut it.


Step nine: Now that your embellishments are adhered to your card, stamp your stamp! For my ink, I like to use a coordinating color. For this card I used a blue ink, because one of the flowers is blue.



All of these items can be purchased at Michaels or your local craft store. This is what the “snail” looks like:


And this is what the glue dots look like.


Have fun!



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