My Favorite Things About Fall: #1


Hi there!

I am so excited to start my new series. I love fall, and in fact, it’s one of my favorite seasons! I used to say that fall is spring, only backwards. You see, in spring, dead things come to life, and the weather gets warmer. In fall, living things start to die, and the weather gets colder. Wow. I just realized how dismal fall sounds. Incredibly it’s not! As Allingham said, “Fall’s the mellow time.” How true that is! According to the definition of mellow, fall is sweet, pleasant, and very agreeable!

Now that fall is in full swing, (or almost, as the first day of fall is on Wednesday), I have been enjoying a tradition that takes place every fall and winter. I have been drinking hot tea. My dad is a tea drinker too, and I suppose I get it from him. Like a true lady of the south, my mother entertains with afternoon tea very often. In fact, five (or more!) of my birthdays have been celebrated with afternoon tea. Not only do I enjoy tea with cucumber sandwiches and tasty treats, but I also enjoy a cup of strong tea in the morning. I am very fond of black tea in all forms, be it chai, earl grey, or just plain black tea. Today I am going to share with you two of my favorite teas. Guess what…they’re black tea!

chai    tazo

The fist tea that I really, really love is Tazo’s Vanilla Caramel Chai. I have always loved Tazo’s regular chai, but just discovered this vanilla caramel chai. I bought my box at Earth Fare but you can get it probably anywhere. It has all of it’s title’s flavors. I just love this tea so much! It has cinnamon, vanilla, caramel, and ginger. Tazo has tea bags, which are what I have, and the chai latte, which is a carton of liquid that you add milk to, and you can drink cold or hot. The latte has to be refrigerated after opened.


The next tea I really like is Tea Forte’s English Breakfast tea. Basically this is the best quality of an English Breakfast you can get. Tea Forte’s teas are of the best! I add cream and sugar to this to make a wonderful warm drink.

Those are my two favorite teas! What are your favorite teas?

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