Rilla of Ingleside Book Report

So my mom made me write a book report on my favorite book for y’all…hope you enjoy!

Rilla of Ingleside is the last book in the Anne of Green Gables series, and in my opinion, the best. It was published in 1921 , and was written by the author, Lucy Maud Montgomery.

In Four Winds, about 60 miles away from Avonlea, PEI, the book opens in late summer of 1914. Soon after, we find that Germany declares war on France, and then England declares war on Germany. Six days later, Jem Blythe – along with thousands of Canada’s boys enlists. While the boys are gone, Rilla keeps the home fires going, adopts a war baby, directs a Junior Red Cross, and decides, with Susan, to be a heroine. In the midst of hemming and learning to cook economically, her brother Walter enlists, along with her sweetheart Kenneth Ford. In the duration of the war, at home Susan gets a proposal from Whiskers-On-The-Moon – and chases him out of her kitchen with a pot of boiling dye…Mary Vance sends Miller Douglas off in khaki, Rilla conducts a war-wedding, and above all, everyone “keeps calm and carries on”, or at least tries to. In 1918 the war ends, and Dr.-Jekyll-and-Mr.-Hyde mysteriously disappears. Those who have survived the war come back, and although those who had been touched by the war were never happy in the same way, life went on.

Beware of many emotions you may have while reading this book, as you will laugh, cry, and may even fry the Kaiser in boiling oil, like Susan.

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