My Bunny-Rabbit Dinner

Have you heard about people eating rabbits and thought, “How could you eat such a cute, fluffy bunny?” Well, it’s true that people eat them, and breed them for eating. I used to be so appalled at the thought of eating rabbit! I mean, how could you eat such a cute little animal like that?


But then I heard that we – yes, we are getting meat rabbits! Oh boy. So I decided that I’d better get used to the idea of eating rabbits real quick. Everybody says it tastes just like chicken, so why not? When it’s on your plate it is food, not a cute fluffy animal anymore. So this was my dinner. Rabbit.


We haven’t gotten rabbits yet, but a friend who does have them let my uncle harvest two for us. They were really yummy!
So watch out, the next time you come over to my house, I’m going to serve you rabbit for lunch!

P.S. No, that was not my glass of wine.

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