Hi, and Welcome!


Hi! I’m Aria. I was 14 on August 8th and a sophomore, much to my mother’s protest. She thinks I’m a freshman. I usually describe myself as a fun-loving, cat-loving, food-loving accidental country girl.

I am crazy about cats and a mother of two adorable furry orange ones. Luvems is my oldest, and he is two. Tiger is one, and still such a baby! ((Luvems is with me in the picture above.))

I live on a 17-acre estate with a garden, orchard, and 38 laying chickens. I love to cook and like to use our organically grown vegetables from our garden.

I own my own small business, A Girl and A Cat.  I enjoy making DIY products, especially body products! It is fun experimenting with lip balm flavors.

Music is a very big part of my life. I have played violin for ten years, and have sung in several choirs with Soundings Studio for 5 years. I just started taking private voice lessons in July. I am loving them! I love singing with others and harmonizing, even though I am a soprano.

As for listening to music, I like Broadway and classical crossover artists. I also sing a lot of Broadway music too. A few artists I enjoy listening to are Lindsey Stirling, Jackie Evancho, Sarah Brightman, The Piano Guys, and Il Volo.

I also study Italian. I took French for five years, and it didn’t really work out…yeah, now I can’t remember a word! So, I decided that because I’ll be singing in Italian a lot, it would be a good idea to study it.

So, that is basically about me. Click HERE to learn about my kitties, HERE to learn about my business, and HERE to learn about my blog.